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Lowrance Fishhunter 3D

Lowrance Fishhunter 3D

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Lowrance FishHunter 3D Castable Transducer

Model: 000-14240-001
  • Reliable WiFi, No Data Connection Required
  • Buoy-like Design
  • Multiple Fishing Views
  • Create Custom Maps
  • Integrated LED Light
  • Tri-Frequency Coverage
  • FishHunter App

The days of having to own a boat to get quality fishfinding sonar are over. With Lowrance® FishHunter 3D, anglers fishing from the bank, dock or pier will know where to cast every time, getting 3D views from a wireless, castable transducer designed for stationary fishing. Take FishHunter 3D anywhere you fish, cast it into the water and watch the sonar returns on the free FishHunter app. Know Where to Cast™ with FishHunter Pro.

Can be used from a bank or dock as well as casted from the deck of a boat Use in many situations: Stationary casting allows a user to cast out a FishHunter and leave it there, then cast a bait near the transducer for real time catch data away from the user Reeling use allows a user to cast a FishHunter then reel it back in to cover more area and search for fish or structure. This also allows the user to generate 3 dimensional maps of their fishing area with FishHunter 3D Troll behind a boat giving real time location of baits, live bathymetry, or 3D charting

Offering a more reliable connection than Bluetooth®, the WiFi connection between FishHunter and your smartphone or tablet does not require a cellular or internet connection and keeps your phone available for texts and calls

Get a more reliable WiFi connection with FishHunter’s unique, buoy-like design, which is difficult to submerge

See how fish are relating to changes in bottom contours with FishHunter’s 3D Fishing View, quickly check water depth and the location of fish relative to the FishHunter 3D with Directional Casting View or find fish under the ice with the optimized Ice Fishing view

Create custom Bathymetric color contour charts or structure maps of your favorite fishing spot or the entire lake by trolling FishHunter 3D behind your boat

FishHunter 3D is easy to see during early morning/nighttime conditions due to an integrated LED light that also functions as battery indicator/charging light

FishHunter 3D features five tri-frequency transducers, each supporting 381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz frequencies

Log catches, waypoints, follow your friends and even live stream catches around the world with the free FishHunter app, available from the IOS App and Google Play Stores

Depth range Up to 160 ft (55 m)
Wi-Fi range Up to 200 ft (65 m)
Minimum depth 1.4 ft (0.4 m)
Number of transducers 5 Tri-Frequency Transducers
Frequency 381kHz, 475kHz, 675kHz
Trollin speed Up to 2 MPH (3.2 km/h, 1.7 knots)
Sonar view options Directional Casting™, 3D Fishing, 3d Structure Mapping, Bathymetric Mapping, Ice Fishing Flasher View
Fish Attraction Night-time Illumination Yes, LED Illumination
Wireless Connection Wi-Fi works (4x faster than Bluetooth); No cellular data or internet connection required
Sonar Type Piezo-Electric Ceramic Crystal
Wattage (Peak to Peak) 300 Watts
Battery Life Up to 10 hrs or up to 500 hrs stand by
Operational Temperature -22°F (-30°C) to 95°F (35°C)
Unit of Measurement Imperial & Metric
Compatibility +9000 iOS Apple & Android Smartphones or Tablets with GPS
Weight 180g

What's in the Box:
  • FishHunter 3D
  • Trolling Tether
  • Line tying clip x 2
  • Charging cord
  • Carrying case